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Our Innovations

Innovation is not merely a buzzword for KarChargers; it's ingrained in our DNA. Since foundation, we have spearheaded two key innovations that have assisted us in changing the EV Charging landscape for our clients. These innovations not only facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles but also make it more economical and reduce physical product requirements - aligning perfectly with the broader Net Zero movement. By driving innovation in both hardware and software, KarChargers is paving the way for a more sustainable and accessible future in electric vehicle charging.


EV Charging Flat Cable

  • Offers scalability, resulting in a cost-effective backbone for charging stations in apartments and fleets.

  • Reduces installation time for new charging units.

  • Fixed-price installation per charging point (for retrofitting charging station in a site with pre-installed cable).

  • Infinitely scalable and non-proprietary, you can use
    charging units from multiple brands without any
    hardware lock-in.

Dynamic Load Management

  • Allows for future technologies to work seamlessly with old infrastructure.

  • Compared to hardware-based DLM, it has an impressive uptime and does not require regular repairs/call-outs.

  • Enables you to manage load across AC and DC charging units

  • Certified product for Australian standards and conditions


We continue to invest in R&D to build out new innovations to assist our clients on their EV transitions.

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