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EV Charging Management

At KarChargers, we can be your trusted end-to-end partner for EV Charging solutions. We are dedicated to bringing together the finest hardware with our innovative EV Charging Management solutions. Our proprietary software, CasaCharge, sets the industry standard for flexibility and management, ensuring a seamless experience for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and EV Drivers. Additionally, our unique Dynamic Load Management (DLM) solution enables effortless integration of future technologies with your existing infrastructure, all while meeting the highest Australian standards. We can provide customised and white-labelled solutions for Strata, Business/Fleets and Government.

CasaCharge EV Charging Management Software

CasaCharge is a robust, scalable and flexible EV charging software solution tailored for strata, businesses and Government to seamlessly manage EV Charging.  CasaCharge's software simplifies the transition to EV's by delivering an intuitive and simple experience. It empowers both CPO's and EV drivers, offering an integrated solution for hassle-free EV charging sessions and charging station management. CasaCharge offers industry-leading features that can be utilised on most OCPP EV Chargers.

CasaCharge Features


Charging Station Management

CasaCharge's software is equipped with a comprehensive suite of EV charging functionalities to enable complete control and hassle-free managmeent of your EV Charging Infastructure.


Payment and Billing Solutions

Streamline your billing and revenue generation with CasaCharge's intelligent billing applications. With flexible and cusotmisable billing including near instantaneous money transfer.


Load Management Solutions

CasaCharge's software offers customised load management tools that cater to your specific location and energy supply, enabling efficient energy & charger usage while minimising costs.

CasaCharge App

User App & Whitelabelling

The CasaCharge App can be customised to your requirements. Whether it's whitelabelling or providing Enterprise-grade customisations, we have ability to give flexibility & control.


Dynamic Load Management

Our innovative Dynamic Load Management (DLM) solution combines adaptive cloud-based technologies to provide future-proofed charger management. Our solution not only facilitates the seamless integration of future technologies with existing infrastructure but also sets itself apart with impressive uptime, reducing the need for frequent repairs or call-outs. We can manage load distribution across both AC and DC charging units, ensuring optimal energy usage. Our DLM can provide complete customisation to optimise your EV Charging Infrastructure, while reducing energy costs.

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