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Smappee EV Base Dual AC EV Charger

Introducing the Smappee EV Base: Your Versatile and Smart Charging Solution


Powerful and Adaptable Charging

The Smappee EV Base is a dynamic charger designed to accommodate both single-phase 240V and three-phase 415V supplies, providing up to 7.4kW or an impressive 22kW per output, respectively. It's available with a Type 2 socket or a 5m lead with a Type 2 plug for your convenience. Installing the Smappee EV Base is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward cable configuration and installation wizard.


Intelligent Features:


Illuminating Charging Experience

The integrated LED lighting not only indicates the charging status but also offers ambient lighting when the charger is not in use, adding both functionality and aesthetics to your charging setup.


Detailed Monitoring and Consumption Insights

The Smappee EV Base is equipped with integrated MID power meters, allowing it to monitor charging consumption accurately. You can access comprehensive consumption and charging session data via the Smappee smartphone app and the online dashboard, providing you with valuable insights into your charging habits.


Dynamic Load Balancing

By incorporating a Smappee Infinity system to monitor the grid or EV charging circuit feed, you can set overload points, allowing one or multiple chargers to dynamically adjust their output. This ensures that the overload point is never reached, a feature also known as Dynamic Load Balancing.


OCPP 1.6 J Compliance

The Smappee EV Base is OCPP 1.6 J compliant, making it easily configurable to operate with third-party billing platforms. Charging sessions can be initiated and terminated through various methods, including QR codes, RFID, and smart EV schedules, giving you complete control and flexibility.


Choose the Smappee EV Base for a versatile and intelligent charging solution that offers dynamic power, detailed insights, and a range of features to enhance your electric vehicle charging experience. It's the epitome of adaptability and intelligence in the world of EV chargers.

Smappee EV Base Dual AC EV Charger

  • Dimensions:
    - 1200 × 600 × 150 mm (station)
    - Charging cable 5 m
    - EV Base station: 34 kg
    - Cable 5 m: 3 kg
    Operating temperature:
    -25 °C to 40 °C
    Storage temperature:
    -25 °C to 60 °C
    Relative humidity:
    0 % - 95 %, non-condensing
    Operating altitude:
    0 - 2,000 m
    IEC 61851-1
    Product certifications:
    Ethernet 100BASE-T
    Communication protocol:
    OCPP 1.6 J, ready for update to OCPP 2.0.1
    Mounting method:

    - Material: Magnelis (back plate),
    aluminium (front and sides)
    - Rating: IP54 / IK10
    - Standard: RAL9016 (star white)
    + RAL7021 (black grey)
    Integrated Residual Current Protection:
    Per connector:
    6 mA DC / 30 mA RCD Type A
    Required external protection:
    Per connector:
    Breaker of max. 32 A, type B or C
    - Maximum charging capacity:
    22 kW per connector
    - Output power: 230 V – 400 V, 32 A
    - Charge mode: Mode 3 (IEC 61851)
    - Charging activation: QR code / Plug and
    charge / RFID
    - Information status: RGB LED
    - MID metering, certified class B
    - 2 × fixed cable with type 2 connector
    - 2 x type 2 socket - optional shutter

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