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Alpitronics Hypercharger 50kW Dual DC EV Charger

Introducing the Alpitronic HYC50 Hypercharger: Compact, Powerful, and Future-Proof


Compact and Powerful Charging

The Alpitronic HYC50 Hypercharger represents the pinnacle of charging technology, offering a compact and highly powerful solution that sets a new industry standard. This charger is designed to be future-proof, accommodating evolving norms, upcoming standards, and all new electric vehicle designs.


Key Features:


50 kW of Charging Power

The HYC50 Hypercharger is not just powerful; it's the first 50 kW wall-mountable fast charger on the market. It delivers impressive charging speeds, making it ideal for a variety of applications, especially in semi-public settings like underground car parks, multi-storey car parks, or other semi-public areas.


Versatile DC Connections

This charger is exceptionally versatile, offering multiple DC connection options, including CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and the Chinese GBT standard. This means you can charge one vehicle with a full 50 kW or two vehicles simultaneously at 25 kW each. Alpitronic specifies a continuous charging current of 150 amps (or 2x 75A), providing efficient and flexible charging options. It's worth noting that with CHAdeMO, a maximum of 125A is possible.


Remarkably Quiet Operation

One outstanding feature of the HYC50 Hypercharger is its "ultra-low noise level," with less than 50 dBA, as mentioned in the preliminary product data-sheet. Its quiet operation allows it to function in or near residential areas and is a significant advantage for office locations.


Best-in-Class Efficiency

The HYC50 boasts a best-in-class efficiency rate of over 97%, ensuring that your charging experience is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly.


In- and Outdoor Installation

Whether you need to install it indoors or outdoors, the HYC50 offers the flexibility to adapt to various settings and requirements.


V2G Ready

As the future of electric vehicles evolves, the HYC50 is ready for it. It is V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) ready, enabling you to harness the potential of bidirectional charging.

Choose the Alpitronic HYC50 Hypercharger for a groundbreaking charging solution that combines power, versatility, and innovation, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the future of electric vehicles.

Alpitronics Hypercharger 50kW Dual DC EV Charger

  • DC interfaces: CCS1 and CCS2 (150A), CHAdeMO (125A), GBT (125A)
    Payment system: Choose between different card readers for credit cards or EC cards
    Load and charging management: Smart, dynamic allocation of power modules and distribution of charging power to charging points
    Environmental conditions, in operation: -30° up to +55° C (derating from 40° C), Operating height ≤ 4,000 m
    Environmental conditions, in storage: -40° up to +55° C (1K22*/1Z2/1B1/1C2/1S10/1M10) * Minimum temperature in deviation from the standard
    Environmental conditions, under transport: -40° up to +70° C (2K12*/2B1/2C2/2S1/2M4) * Minimum temperature in deviation from the standard
    Humidity (in operation, storage): 0% - 95% relative (non-condensing)
    Efficiency: up to 97%
    Protective class: Class I (protective earth connection)
    Degree of pollution: Class 4
    Noise emission: < 50 dBA* According to ISO 11203 Standards
    Installation location: Indoor and outdoor installation
    Type of installation: Wall mount or pedestal (optional foundation base in concrete)
    Protection rating: IP55
    Impact resistance: IK10 in accordance with IEC 62262
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 1300 x 520 x 250 mm
    Weight: 95 - 145 kg
    Accessibility: Barrier-Free Access

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