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Ador Digatron Quench Mini 30kW Portable DC EV Charger

Introducing Quench Mini: A Game-Changer in Mobile EV Charging


Revolutionizing EV Charging with Mobility

The electric vehicle industry has witnessed remarkable advancements, yet the challenges of charging infrastructure persist. To tackle this hurdle, Quench Chargers, based in Pune, introduces a groundbreaking solution - the Quench Mini. This portable 30KW DC fast charger is poised to transform the landscape of EV charging with its innovative mobility.


Key Features:


Mobile Charging Solution

The Quench Mini redefines convenience with its inbuilt wheels and user-friendly layout, making it a breeze to transport and set up anywhere. Say goodbye to the limitations of fixed charging stations; this charger is your mobile companion, ready to power up your EVs on the go.


Flexibility That Saves Time and Costs

One of the standout features is the Quench Mini's flexible 63-amp power line, available in 5m, 10m, and 15m variants. This configuration allows for optimized power distribution at a fraction of the cost compared to stationary chargers that demand permanent power supply setups. Not only does it cut down on installation expenses, but it also enhances efficiency.


Advanced Features for Seamless Charging

The Quench Mini is not just mobile; it's also smart. It comes equipped with auto-charge functionality, point-of-sale integration, RFID access control, and a range of other features to ensure a seamless and secure charging experience.


Choose the Quench Mini for a revolutionary approach to EV charging. Its mobility, flexibility, and advanced capabilities empower you to charge your electric vehicles wherever and whenever you need, without the constraints of traditional charging infrastructure. Say hello to the future of portable EV charging.

Ador Digatron Quench Mini 30kW Portable DC EV Charger

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