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The only electric car charger you'll ever need

Speedy, Adjustable, and dependable. Dc has set up a completely new standard in the fast charging stations market with its 350 kW powerful output.

Unexpectedly Fast Charging

Any electric car can access DC anywhere due to its reliable and full proof design. Its amazing power management abilities enhances the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of management of various units.

Extremely Fast

Having a powerful output of 50-350 kWaids DC to charge up to 125 km in 30 minutes (50kW), and up to 400 km in just 15 minutes (350 kW)


DC is completely authentic and is here to stay with its competent features like auto-retractable cables, rugged high-impact housing, advanced heating system, and high-quality power electronic components.


DC is proficient in consuming the available power efficiently through grid connection cost savings via the optional battery storage and smart queuing.

The Complete Package

It is not just an electric car charging station but also provides you with a complete package to make your life better.

DC Charger by EVBox

It has set up a completely new standard in the fast charging stations market with its 350 kW powerful output.

Full-service installation

Full Service Installation

EVBox is associated with certified installers to provide us with reliable and quick installations at optimal locations at the site.

Charging management

Charging management

Using HeyEVBox charging sessions can be easily tracked and managed through smartphones or computer.

Go electric

  1. Ask for a quote
  2. Once you request for a quote, the team will get in touch with you within a single business day to know more about your situation and answer your queries accordingly.

  3. Get a site Survey
  4. A technician shall be sent for a site survey to assess your power requirements, and identifying ideal charging locations etc.

  5. Get connected to an installer
  6. You will be referred to a renowned installation partner so that you are assured to be getting authentic installation work from well trained professionals.

  7. We provide full set up support
  8. Once you are done with the installation you will get full assistance to ensure all charging points are registered correctly and to aid you to get utmost benefit from our charging management software platform.

DC Key Features

DC offers super fast charging with a powerful output of 175 kW up to 350 kW, charging up to 78 miles in just 30 minutes.
The modular and durable components of DC make transportation, installation and maintenance a cake walk.
You can monitor uptime and get remote assistance with DC. Also all the firmware updates can be implemented from the backend.
DC provides you a 3-year warranty leaving you rest assured.
DC comes with a read color touchscreen in 4 languages, which will surely include the language of the country you are in.
Our auto – retractable cables lets us keep the charging cables which is the costliest part of the station safe and secure at all times.
Even in extreme weather conditions Dc can maintain optimal performance without any need of additional accessories.
The energy meter and electrical protections can be installed safely inside the charging station without any additional space and also eliminating the cost of an auxiliary electrical cabinet as Dc is equipped with a utility power cabinet.

Technical specs

Charging capacity

50 kW - 350 kW

Temperature range

-30°C to +50°C


920 x 1920 x 465 mm


CE standards compliant


350 Kg (max.)


Floor / ground

Connector type DC-QuickCharger

CHAdeMO and CCS2 up to 50 kW / 120 A / 500 V AC Type 2 up to 43 kW / 63 A

Connector type DC-High Power Charger

CHAdeMO up to 100 kW / 200 A / 500 V CCS2 up to 350 kW / 500 A / 950 V

If you are interested in DC

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