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Setting up new standards in the electric car charging business

Our intelligent software is designed to cater to all your needs making EVBox Business Line a top of the line electric car charging solution.

We provide the best selling electric car charging Solutions

Having an intelligent software makes Business Line an energy efficient and easily operated electric car charging solution provider.
We are designed to fit in all your requirements from workplace and hospitality to fleet management and much more.


We assist in cost cutting by connecting up to 20 charging points (satellites) to a single modem (hub) using our smart and scalable technology.

Long Lasting

CE-certified EVBox Business Line is incombustible, tamper proof and climate resilient. EVBox Business Line is convenient to install and maintain due to its sturdy and sustainable built.


EVBox Business Line is quite versatile as it can be installed on a pole or mounted onto a wall. One can choose to have either one or two connectors.

The Complete Package

It is not just an electric car charging station but also provides you with a complete package to make your life better.

EVBox Business Line

Sleek design and compact size makes EVBOx Business Line our best selling charging station.

Full-service installation

Full Service Installation

EVBox is associated with certified installers to provide us with reliable and quick installations at optimal locations at the site.

Charging management

Charging management

Using HeyEVBox charging sessions can be easily tracked and managed through smartphones or computer.

Wanna Know the Business Line Users?

Thousands of companies belonging to different industries have installed Business Line to charge their electric cars. Have a look at what they have to say about us.



Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

“With EVBox, we’d like to show consumers which options are out there for smart charging, and educate building owners on the best charging products they can buy. We believe LA should be a global focal point for advancing electric vehicle infrastructure and mobility innovation.”


Ben Stapleton

Chief Partnerships Officer | Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator



Golfclub Anderstein

“We opted for EVBox because they offer personal, supportive services, even after the installation has taken place."


Michiel Koning

Project Initiator | Golfclub Anderstein



Amsterdam Schipol International Airport

“Electric mobility is developing rapidly - both in demand and supply. This is why we’ve installed charging facilities for electric vehicles in all of our parking locations at Schiphol.”


Dieme Ketel

Director Parking & Mobility Services | Schiphol Group

Go electric

  1. Ask for a quote
  2. Once you request for a quote, the team will get in touch with you within a single business day to know more about your situation and answer your queries accordingly.

  3. Get a site Survey
  4. A technician shall be sent for a site survey to assess your power requirements, and identifying ideal charging locations etc.

  5. Get connected to an installer
  6. You will be referred to a renowned installation partner so that you are assured to be getting authentic installation work from well trained professionals.

  7. We provide full set up support
  8. Once you are done with the installation you will get full assistance to ensure all charging points are registered correctly and to aid you to get utmost benefit from our charging management software platform.


It can charge from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW. The power of the charging station you would need depends entirely on the model of the electric car you need to charge. The average power output is 11kW.
The number of charging stations that you can install depends on the power you can draw from your grid. 20 connectors can be installed in one go in each hub/satellite network if power is not a concern. The number of networks you own should be customized to your needs.
The available energy capacity is consumed aptly by Business Line. You can earn back your investment as well as prevent peak usage with the adjustable charging rates. It’s vital to know the strength of the current (amperage) available in your area in order to ensure security and effectiveness of your business or workplace charging stations. EVBox Business Line comes in 16 A and 32 A options.
All your charging sessions will be tracked and managed by Business Line. It is possible to configure it with different “smart charging “ technologies to ensure energy efficient operations of various charging stations, including remote maintenance upgrades.
EVBox Business Line can allow you to charge two cars simultaneously as it comes with double connectors and optional fixed cables. The unique LED ring it has promises an optimal communication amongst the station and charge card provider at each point in time. Business Line lets you customize with branded colors and labels. You can now promote your business as a sustainable and innovative identity with Business Line.
CE-certified EVBox Business Line is incombustible, tamper proof and climate resilient. EVBox Business Line is convenient to install and maintain due to its sturdy and sustainable built.

Technical specs

Charging capacity

3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW

Weight & dimensions

11 kg (max.) 600 x 255 x 410 mm

Connector type

Type 1 or 2

Standard colors

Blue, dark grey, white

Output power

230 V – 400 V, 16 A and 32 A


Floor or wall mounted

Temperature range

-25°C to +60°C


CE standards compliant

Get ready for the rEVolution

Get in touch with us for a free consultation if you are looking for the best electric car charging solution for your business , property or fleet.

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