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Ador Digatron Quench 120kW DC EV Charger

Introducing the DC Quench 120kW: Redefining Electric Vehicle Charging


Global Charging Powerhouse

The DC Quench 120kW is your answer to universal electric vehicle charging. Designed to cater to a wide range of EVs, from cars to buses, this charger adheres to global standards, ensuring a seamless charging experience. With its intuitive interface, powering up your EV has never been this straightforward.


Key Features:


120kW of Charging Might

The DC Quench 120kW boasts an impressive 120kW of charging power, providing swift and efficient charging for a variety of electric vehicles.


RFID Access Control

Take charge of your charging experience with the integrated RFID reader, enabling secure and convenient access control.


Versatile Connectivity Options

Stay connected with your charger through your choice of Ethernet or 3G/4G connection, giving you the freedom to monitor and manage your charging remotely.


Sleek and Space-Saving Design

The charger's slim and compact design allows for easy installation in a range of settings while optimizing space utilization.


Seamless Communication

The DC Quench 120kW comes equipped with a communication module for OCPP connection, facilitating smooth integration with diverse charging networks and management systems.


Cost-Effective Installation

Installing the DC Quench 120kW is not only efficient but also cost-effective, providing savings on installation expenses.


Enhanced Reliability

Experience uninterrupted charging with enhanced reliability, ensuring that your EV is always ready when you need it.


Built to Last

With a durable UV-resistant exterior, the charger is built to withstand the elements, maintaining its performance and appearance over time.


Low Maintenance, High Efficiency

The DC Quench 120kW is designed for low maintenance, allowing for a hassle-free and dependable charging experience while maintaining high efficiency.


Select the DC Quench 120kW for a robust and versatile charging solution that caters to a wide range of electric vehicles and offers optimal performance. It's not just a charger; it's a powerhouse that simplifies EV charging and enhances your electric vehicle experience.

Ador Digatron Quench 120kW DC EV Charger

  • 1/P Power Requirement 140kVA, 415 VAC + 10% to -15% 3-Phase, 50 / 60 Hz, Ll, L2, L3, N PE
    O/P Voltage / Current
    Operation Mode
    Electrical Protection
    1000VDC, Charging current up to 200 A / gun
    Simultaneous : 2 x 60kW CCS2
    Under voltage, Over voltage, Over current, Residual current, Surge
    protection, Short circuit, Over temperature, Ground fault, Insulation fault,
    Reverse polarity, Emergency stop.
    Double insulation. Each DC output should be isolated from each other.
    (Section 7.5.101 of IEC61851-23)
    Charging Cable Length 4M
    Display 10.1 inch ; LCD touch panel
    User Authentication MIFARE, ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC18092 NFC, FeliCa
    Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6 J
    Network connection Wi-fi, Ethernet & GSM
    Rated power efficiency = 94% at Full load @ nominal I/P % O/P above 50%
    Power Factor 0.99 at full load
    THDi :s;5% @output power above 50%
    Compliances IEC 61851*1, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-21-2
    Compliances IS 17017 relevant clauses
    Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (de-rating characteristics apply after 50 °C )
    Storage Temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
    Humidity < 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Environment IP 54
    Altitude 2000 m
    Emergency Push Button 1 Emergency stop button
    Certificate CE / Combo-2 / (DIN 70121; ISO15118) / IEC 61851-1; IEC 61851-23;
    IEC 61851-21-2
    Mechanical impact protection IKlO (screen: IK 08)
    Dimension CW x H x D)
    Weight in kg
    650 x 1913 x 737 mm
    Appx. 350 kg

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