The Trip: Sydney to Broken Hill

We knew the journey ahead of us was going to be a long and interesting one. The purpose of the drive was to truly test the existing EV charging infrastructure from the Sydney to the Far West and back in one weekend. Although Plugshare mapped out our trip for us, and made it look quite easy – would we make it?

Getting from Sydney to Broken Hill in an EV in one day we thought would be long, but doable of course. With DC Fast Chargers along the way, we’d have just enough time for coffee breaks and light walks around to explore the town and stretch the legs. That’s where our hopes were met by reality. 

The Trip:

Sydney to Broken Hill –1150Kms, 13 hours without stopping.

5 DC Fast Charging breaks, provided by a mix of networks.

The Journey:

Charge 1: Goulburn – 205Kms from home
Arriving with the sunrise, we were excited to give the first Fast Chargers a go. Like tourists, we took photos pretending to plug in the car to charge. We were totally oblivious and excited to reach out first charging stop, that we were too oblivious to realise that all four chargers were out of service. We briefly had a nervous laugh, and found some power at the Tesla Superchargers, where there was only one other Tesla owner charging during our 25 minute top up.

Charge 2: Gundagai – 180Kms from Goulburn
Arrived to Oliver’s Gundagai, where the ultra-rapid network was on offer, alongside the Tesla Superchargers. We opted for the NRMA service, with the charge rate peaking at 107kW for a minute, then slowly dropped. We spent in total 50 minutes there, leaving with enough charge to surely get us through to the next stop. Charge rate had dropped to 30kW by then, which encouraged us to keep moving.